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Prévisions météo pour Oetz

La météo de vos vacances dans l’Ötztal

Wetterbericht für INNTAL-Oetz (820m)
  Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
°C Nacht/Tag -6 / 6 -3 / 1 -7 / 2 -3 / 5 -1 / 8
Vor/Nachmittag (in %)
0 / 0 40 / 0 80 / 60 70 / 80 0 / 0
Sonnenstunden 4 5 0 0 5
Nullgradgrenze 2600m 1000m 1000m 1600m 2300m

With a short period of improved conditions the air will become dryer and temporarily milder on Tuesday night. This will be noticeable especially in the mountains, where the frost line will temporarily rise above 2,500 m above sea level. At the same time, the cloudiness will increase again and a weak cold front will reach us on Wednesday night. It will bring some precipitation and head a further stream of wintry cold air to us. Thursday will be mostly sunny. Friday and Saturday will bring very windy and unsettled westerly weather. The weather will remain cold, the snow line will remain around 1,000 m above sea level. Sunday will introduce a significant change in weather. The current over the Alps will turn to south-west. It will become foehny and very mild. At the same time, high air pressure will result in a lot of sunshine.

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