Weather forecast for Oetz

Your holiday weather in Ötztal

Wetterbericht für INNTAL-Oetz (820m)
°C Nacht/Tag-2 / 73 / 93 / 61 / 6-1 / 7
Vor/Nachmittag (in %)
0 / 00 / 200 / 3040 / 00 / 40

The large-scale current over the Alps will veer to the south throughout the weekend and at the beginning of next week. Thus, weak barrier effects along the main Alpine ridge will build up while a foehny southerly wind in the regions north thereof will result in mostly stable and dry weather conditions. At the same time, the temperatures will temporarily increase, on Sunday the snow line will be at 2300m above sea level for a short time. With a weak cold front on Monday evening, the southerly foehn wind will abate subsequently scattered snow showers will reach below 1000m above sea level. Nevertheless, after a short interval of improved conditions on Tuesday, the wind will veer back to southwest from Wednesday onwards. In doing so, our area will soon be affected by a low-pressure influence consequently larger amounts of precipitation may occur during the second half of the week.

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