Prévisions météo pour Oetz

La météo de vos vacances dans l’Ötztal

Wetterbericht für INNTAL-Oetz (820m)
°C Nacht/Tag1 / 2-3 / 7-3 / 80 / 100 / 7
Vor/Nachmittag (in %)
80 / 700 / 00 / 00 / 030 / 20

The Alps are located on the front side of a powerful Atlantic low in a partly stormy southerly foehn flow. At the same time, a cold front is approaching from the west, which will initiate a temporary end to the foehn in combination with a small-scale low-pressure development over the Gulf of Genoa during Thursday night. Thus, precipitation can spread from the southern side of the Alps over the main Alpine ridge to the north. The snow line quickly drops below 1000 meters above sea level, resulting in a brief period of wintry conditions on Friday. The south foehn returns to the mountains over the weekend, yet it remains relatively cold. In addition, there is a lot of sunshine north of the main Alpine ridge. However, new clouds accumulate at the main Alpine ridge, bringing new snowfall there, especially on Sunday. At the beginning of next week, little changes in the weather and the general weather distribution. It will simply become significantly milder again.

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