Prévisions météo pour Oetz

La météo de vos vacances dans l’Ötztal

Wetterbericht für INNTAL-Oetz (820m)
°C Nacht/Tag11 / 178 / 1710 / 1711 / 1810 / 18
Vor/Nachmittag (in %)
60 / 9040 / 6040 / 7030 / 7030 / 60

Throughout the upcoming days, we are influenced by a low-pressure zone over West Europe, which will slowly approach the Alps. It will send humid air to us time and time again and the temperatures will remain subdued. On Sunday, a further bad weather front will hit our area from the west and bring increasingly dense clouds with rain showers. At the beginning of next week, this front will move on eastward, however, it will leave humid and unstable air. Subsequently, gaps in the clouds are only temporarily expected and the sun will occasionally appear. Dense clouds or thicker cumulus clouds will repeatedly interfere with the weather and some rain showers are expected beyond midweek, especially over the mountains in the afternoons and evenings.