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Weather forecast Oetz

Your holiday weather in Ötztal

Wetterbericht für INNTAL-Oetz (820m)
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
°C Nacht/Tag 1 / 6 -3 / 1 -7 / 6 -2 / 1 -7 / 2
Vor/Nachmittag (in %)
50 / 50 60 / 20 0 / 0 70 / 20 90 / 70
Sonnenstunden 2 4 4 2 0
Nullgradgrenze 1700m 700m 2800m 800m 1300m

The unsteady northwesterly barrier effects on Monday night will soon abate on early Tuesday morning. A significant and longer period of improved conditions will settle in, which will continue into Wednesday. Simultaneously, it will become milder especially in the mountains. Decreasing temperatures accompanied by a strong cold front are expected on Wednesday night and some snow will fall. Calmer conditions are expected on Thursday. The sunset will be visible allover. However, these improved conditions will be short. With a new strong low-pressure activity at the British Isles we will get into an unsettled westerly current on Friday and on Saturday, whereby it will remain rather cold. Afterwards, the wind will turn to south-west and foehny and significantly milder conditions are expected.

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