Soothing massages by professional therapists

An Ötztal spa retreat

Many guests consider this the highlight of their spa retreat: a soothing massage with fragrant oils applied by well-trained hands in an atmosphere of blissful relaxation and wellbeing. Worth noting: A professional massage achieves much more than “just” putting you in a state of relaxation. Massages boost your blood circulation, relieve pain and promote natural healing.


We offer a wide array of health-promoting massage treatments ranging from traditional Swedish massage to deep tissue massage, foot reflexology massage, our special Kassl massage and other therapeutic treatments.

Book your first massage as soon as you arrive. The soothing effect of our massages can be quite addictive!

Special kassl massage

PEELING: A gentle peeling with special gloves removes dead skin cells. The skin is supplied with blood, becomes visibly clearer and noticeably smoother.
OILING: Soothing massage techniques wrap your body with warm herbal oils.
HERBAL STAMP MASSAGE: An optimally combination of pleasant warmth of the herbal stamps and the effect of herbs and essential oils.

75 minutes € 110,-

Hot Stone Massage

Look forward to a ritual made up of massage, energy work and the soothing effect of warm lava stones, which has its origin in Hawaii. The body is massaged in a pleasant rhythm, relaxing the muscles and recharging the entire organism with new energy.

75 minutes € 110,-

Special shoulder and neck massage

Tension in the neck and shoulder area gets reduced and you feel relieved.

25 minutes € 44,-

Aroma oil massage

The whole body is massaged with aromatic, warm oils using gentle pressure. The effect on body, soul and organism depends on the used aroma and could be soothing or energizing.

50 minutes € 80,-
75 minutes € 110,-

Foot massage

The foot massage dispels fatigue, numbness and exhaustion. Thereby standing ability is improved and the feet get more stability, power and suppleness.

25 minutes € 44,-

Foot reflexology massage

The feet absorb energy which is then distributed all through the body. When walking barefoot, we absorb these energies directly from the earth, while during the massage they are activated by the therapist's hands. By working the feet in this technique, the reflectory areas activate, calm and harmonize the corresponding organs.

50 minutes  € 75,-

Feel-good massage

With this relaxing massage, not only physical tension is relieved in a gentle way, but also the body is brought into full flow again.
Tip: For the best well-being you should allow yourself minimum 3 treatments.

Full body massage - 50 minutes € 75,-
Partial body massage - 25 minutes € 44,-

Sports massage

This massage stimulates the blood circulation, alleviates aching muscles and dissolves any muscular tension.

Full body massage - 50 minutes € 75,-
Partial body massage - 25 minutes € 44,-


Back, neck and foot massage
ca. 50 minutes € 65,-

Head, neck and face massage
ca. 50 minutes € 65,-

Special Massages


Relaxing massage for our little guests.
25 minutes € 36,-



A special massage during pregnancy, lying on your side and back, with precious aroma oils.
50 Minuten € 80,-