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Soothing massages by professional therapists

An Ötztal spa retreat

Many guests consider this the highlight of their spa retreat: a soothing massage with fragrant oils applied by well-trained hands in an atmosphere of blissful relaxation and wellbeing. Worth noting: A professional massage achieves much more than “just” putting you in a state of relaxation. Massages boost your blood circulation, relieve pain and promote natural healing.


We offer a wide array of health-promoting massage treatments ranging from traditional Swedish massage to deep tissue massage, foot reflexology massage, lymphatic drainage, our special Kassl massage and other therapeutic treatments.

Book your first massage as soon as you arrive. The soothing effect of our massages can be quite addictive!

Full body massage

Our full body massage includes a vigorous massage of your back, neck and legs, improving your tissue, stimulating blood circulation and reducing tension.

Approximately 50 mins – € 65.00

Back/neck massage

This traditional Swedish massage releases tensions in your muscles and leads to a pleasant state of relaxation.

Approximately 25 mins – € 38.00


Back, neck and foot reflexology massage

Approximately 50 mins – € 65.00

Face and head massage

Approximately 25 mins – € 38.00

Back, neck and head massage

Approximately 25 mins – € 38.00

Full body massage (Abhyanga)

The entire body is massaged with warm oil, applying gentle pressure. This massage has a healing effect on tissue, bloodstream and nerve tract while loosening toxins and waste products, so they can be eliminated from the body. The massage movements stimulate blood flow, have a firming effect on skin and connective tissue and lead to a state of deep relaxation. Included free of charge: a short circulation-boosting massage

Approximately 50 mins – € 71.00

Back massage (Buddha)

This wonderful massage relaxes your back, neck and shoulders, improves circulation and promotes energy flow. At the same time it calms and strengthens the nerve tract, releases blockages in your head and can reduce and prevent back pain.

Approximately 25 mins – € 43.00

Head massage (Shiroabyanga)

This head massage is a small but very effective treatment. The massage is conducted in a sitting position. It stimulates body, mind and soul and activates the upper chakras through the application of highly soothing warm oil. The treatment

Approximately 25 mins – € 43.00

Face massage (Mukabhynga)

The Mukabhynga massage is a revitalising facelift massage that also works on the level of your soul. It removes worries, fears and stress and grants a wealth of love, harmony and inner strength.

Approximately 25 mins – € 43.00

Foot massage (Padabhyanga)

The Padabhyanga foot massage releases blocked energy throughout the body and helps to dissipate tiredness, numbness and fatigue. It improves stamina and restores stability, strength and flexibility to the feet.

Approximately 25 mins – € 43.00

Abhyanga (Ayurveda Special)

Our Ayurveda Special is a comprehensive treatment including a back, head, face and special hand and foot massage. The body is massaged with warm oil, applying gentle pressure. The massage detoxifies the body, has a firming effect on skin and connective tissue and promotes deep relaxation.

Included free of charge: a short circulation-boosting massage

Approximately 100 mins – € 125.00

Special Kassl Massage

Skin peel – oil massage – herbal compress massage

1. Skin peel
This treatment starts off with a gentle peeling to remove dead skin cells. It smoothens and visibly cleanses the skin, making it glowing and radiant.

2. Oil massage
With calming massage techniques, your body will be treated with warm herbal oils.

3. Herbal compress massage
Soothing herbal compresses will be applied, supplying active ingredients to the organism.

Approximately 75 mins – € 97.00

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage massage promotes vascular and lymphatic drainage. It drains the tissue and removes waste build-up through the lymphatic system. It thus promotes tissue regeneration. Through extremely gentle pressure, the lymph is moved, and lymph nodes are stimulated to increased activity, strengthening the body’s immune system.

Approximately 50 mins – € 65.00

Approximately 75 mins – € 93.00

Wellbeing massage

Feel like letting go and unwinding completely? If so, treat yourself to this blissful massage. With this relaxing treatment of your back, neck, arms, legs and reflexology zones, your energy flow will be restored, tension will be released in a most pleasant way, and your body will regain its equilibrium and flow.

Approximately 50 mins – € 65.00 (full body massage)

Approximately 25. mins – € 38.00 (partial massage)

Ear candle treatment

This special technique is based on an old Native American tradition. It works like an eardrum massage and is used to cleanse and harmonise the psyche. The “chimney effect” caused by the ear candle stimulates blood circulation. Ear candles are often used to treat headaches, earaches, sleep disorders, migraines and depression.

Approximately 50 mins – € 71.00

Foot reflexology massage

This treatment is a reflexology massage that permeates the entire body by working on the nerve endings in your feet. By specifically addressing the trigger points on your feet, the respective organs can be treated. Our feet are the roots through which we absorb energies, which then spread through our body and compensate weaknesses. When we walk barefoot we receive these energies directly from the ground; during reflexology massage the therapist’s hands activate the energies.

Approximately 50 mins – € 65.00

Herbal compress massage

This massage is an amazing combination of herbalist, aromatherapy and heat treatments. It provides a relaxation experience of a very special kind.

Herbal compress massage works particularly well to release stress and create a holistic wellbeing of the body and mind. The treatment helps to reduce tension and alleviates pain in the back, neck or sciatica. Herbal compress massage improves blood flow and tissue metabolism and soothes the skin.

Approximately 75 mins – € 97.00

Hot Stone massage

This ritual combines massage, energy work and the soothing effect of warm basalt stones. Your body will be massaged in a pleasant rhythm, stimulating your metabolism and blood circulation and relaxing your muscles. The entire organism recharges with fresh energy and your aura is harmonised and strengthened. With its pleasant heat, this treatment creates a special kind of deep relaxation and activates self-healing powers.

Approximately 75 mins – € 97.00

Sound therapy (by Peter Hess)

Special singing bowls of different basic frequencies and sizes are positioned on the fully dressed body and gently tapped to vibrate.
The singing bowls quickly put you in a state of deep relaxation as the sound restores basic trust. You will be able to let go of problems on a deeper level and free yourself of daily stresses, worries and fears.
Every single cell of your body is massaged and harmonised by the sound.

Approximately 50 mins – € 71.00

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