Der Piburger See in Oetz
Heumandl im Ötztal
Der Piburger See in Oetz
Der Piburger See in Oetz
Ötztaler Ache mit Wellerbrücke
Bergsee im Ötztal
Entspannung in der Natur



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Outdoor wellness

Sanctuaries of peace and quiet near Oetz

Did you know that the Ötztal Valley has several beautiful sanctuaries with a special energy? The region surrounding Oetz, in particular, is considered an energy centre that was apparently established 10,000 years ago because of a meteor strike near Köfels. 

There are many sanctuaries of peace and quiet around Oetz: The nature surrounding Lake Piburg is an exceptional source of energy. The lush meadows near Oetz, the crystal-clear rivers and creeks inviting you for a refreshingly cold dip, the powerful Achstürze Falls, the serene woods with their unique flora and fauna – all of these special places will give you plenty of inspiration and energy to recharge your batteries outside our hotel.

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